WHALE aims to build a next generation of researchers that can push the field forward in terms of scientific innovation in AA methodology and its applications in SWB research. The research programme pursues four overarching research objectives. To date, no European doctoral programme exists that is explicitly dedicated to AA skills or its applications to SWB research. WHALE will close this gap maintaining and advancing the competitive edge of Europe in AA research.


WHALE research objectives

  1. To advance SWB research by applying innovative AA methodology in different domains (affective experience, physical activity and sedentary behaviour, diet, sleep, physiology) on different levels (individual, interpersonal, environment).
  2. To advance AA methodology beyond the state-of-the-art (connecting domains, innovative data modelling)
  3. To elaborate a public policy framework on SWB on the grounds of AA research outcomes.
  4. To develop, implement, and test AA intervention tools that target SWB.